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IRR-50P 3-ch receiver / built in power amp & IR-sensor




Celing mountable infra red receiver
Built in antenna and 20 watt amp
Very cosf effective IR receiver
For 100 square meter coverage, IRR-50P just enough to provide good audio level adapted each 5 watt output speaker
School emvergency audio sytem can be linked to IRR-50P. When the emergency alarm is on, such emegency audio in is first priority. IRR-50P switch to it. From celing to wall side cabling can be minimized since all cabling can be treated inside of upper celing.


Channel 3-ch receiver / built in power amp & IR-sensor
Sub-carrier frequencies 2.06MHz / 2.56MHz / 2.80MHz
Type Super Hetero-dyne-Crystal Controlled
Modulation FM
Distortion 35Hz-7.0kHz ±10dB / less than 1%
Frequency response /Distortion 35Hz-7.0kHz ±10dB / less than 1%
Speaker output 5W x 4 @4 ohrms
Input terminal Paging(100V-70V / 20v-8 ohrms / off) x 1, external sensor x 1
Output terminal Pre out x 1 、Rec out × 1
Wireless remote controller Power (On / OFF), Audio volume (UP /DOWN)
Power requirement DC 15V, 28mA(Stand-by) / 560mA(1/8 w output)
Size 250 x 250 x 47 mm
Weight 2.2kg