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IRN-20 Stylish Pendant Mic




A lightweight, chest worn, microphone/transmitter, the IRN-20 comes with an adjustable lanyard. It is both a microphone and infrared transmitter that wirelessly “links” the teacher to the IRR-40P receiver. When used with the IRR-40P you can adjust system volume right from the IRN-20 itself for ultimate flexibility. The IRN-20 also has a specially designed internal microphone array that provides great sound pick-up. With just one “AA” battery (Alkaline or rechargeable) the microphone can be used the entire school day without re-charging or changing batteries.


Infrared wireless microphone systems are the best solution for classrooms. In today’s RF saturated world a regular (VHF or UHF) microphone system risks interference from a variety of other devices and sources. Cell phones, radios, TV, PA systems, police and emergency service systems, etc., can all interfere with VHF and UHF, but not with IR. Furthermore, infrared is perfect for classroom audio, since, unlike the other systems, IR is short-range, cannot penetrate walls, and is line-of-sight. This means that a school can have as many classrooms as desired with individual audio systems, without fear of in-terference. Since the Azden system is dual-channel, the teacher can have one micro-phone and a second person can also have a microphone. In addition, since each class-room system is on the same pair of channels, teachers can go from room to room with-out having to switch microphones.


Sub-carrier frequencies 2.06MHz
Modulation FM
Microphone element type Uni-directional electret x 2
Frequency response 50-9kHz ±3dB
Ext Mic input imped. 2.2k Ω
Ext Mic input jack 3.5mm
Ext. Mic Voltage/Current 3.5VDC @ 1mA
Mic gain adjustment +6dB to approx. –10dB
Battery type 1 "AA" Alkaline (1.5V) or 1 "AA" rechargeable Ni-MH (1.2V)
Battery life > 8hours w/alkaline batteries
Dimensions 95 x 25 x 50 mm
Weight 74 g