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Warranty Policy

  • Thank you for buying the product of Azden this time.
    When the purchased products breaks down in the normal condition which followed an instruction manual in the warranty period, we repair in the free.
    The warranty which require the warranty document stamped dealer’s name and date or, it shows a delivery slip or a receipt in case of purchase and so on, keep them invaluably.
  • A standard manufacturer guarantee, it is providing 2 years from the day of purchase.
  • It becomes a charged repair even in the warranty period in case of followings. 1) The trouble by the act of providence of the flood damage, the thunderbolt, the earthquake and so on 2) The trouble by the abnormal-voltage 3) The accident and the damage by the transportation, the fall after buying and so on 4) When there is not this guarantee or a show document 5) When that the fixed matters of this guarantee are blank or the word can be rewritten 6) The trouble and the damaging by the mistake of the handling 7) When doming the trouble which occurred with the equipment except this product 8) When becoming cause and the unreasonable repair of damaging 9) When it isn’t possible to do the actual article confirmation of the object equipment
    ( In case of disappearance of the object equipment by the fire or the special situation which we admit, it excludes ).
    10) When seizing damage 11) When damaging or losses occur by foreclousures, expropriation through public anouthority 12) The damage which is caused by the similar incident or the riot in the war, the foreign military force, the revolution, the insurrection, the rebellion, the arming rebellion 13) Doing the bad that the flaw, the dirt, the symptom of the exterior where there there there is not an influence in and the feature such as the consumption of the nature of the object equipment, the wearing, the tarnish, the mold, the spoiling, the changing in the quality, the discoloration can not reappear and so on 14) The damage which is caused by the law violation of the customer or the outsider ( including a customer and a living relative )
    Therefore in the damage which occurred to the object equipment with the accidental accident
    15) Consumable items such as windscreen, suspension rubber of
    SMH-1 shoe mount holder etc are not covered in warranty period.
    As for the fee which makes this service applied and occurs by the repair and so on, a customer is separately burdened with the full amount for you.
    That there is a document that the remaining guarantee period can be proved in
  • The transfer Items
    The standard warranty period is continued.
  • Sender need to cover the delivery fee for sending back goods.

The Extension Warranty

The extension warranty policy

In this time, it prepared an extension warranty.
A manufacturer warranty is extended if it is possible to complete subscription in the home page.
Complete in the subscription within 90 days from the purchase.
After subscription, the password reaches the e-mail address to have subscribed.
When inquiring into the warranty period, the e-mail address and the pass word in subscription is necessary.

Following is site for register. Go to there and register. Year Warranty Registeration)

In the future you can refer the valid period of your extension warranty in our support page.

After register, the change of mail address and all condition can be modified in the above service-warranty site by entering your registered mail address and password.

The extension warranty
The object model:
10 Years Warranty ( As date of Aug 1 ,2015)

( Warranty in 10 years from the day of purchase after subscription within 30 days )


The extension warranty regulation
  • When breaking down in the normal condition, we repair in the free.
  • However, in the warranty period, it prescribes the case which becomes a charged repair in the standard warranty.
    Refer to the standard warranty clause 3.
  • When inquiring of us, the warranty period in 10 years, show the sales proof or the receipt which a date and a store name were entered in.
    If you have any question about the extension warranty, inquire to or send the fax to +81-422-55-0130.
  • Products which was transfered aren’t adaptable to the extension warranty.
  • Delivery fee is covered by sender.