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Azden have accumulated audio and wireless technology and produced crystal-controlled PLL synthesizer
wireless microphone system. We are proud to announce this high quality 2000 series after developing a radio microphones for broadcasting. We have succeeded in improving the audio dramatically; reduced
the noise, expanded the range, and upgraded the transient. Moreover, adaptation of a new IC to the mixer circuit provides less need of adjustment and upgraded the total durability with less power consumption for ENG/EFP use. Three version of receiver and a bodypack transmitter bring our total quality for next generation.W
Suitable for any locations; it can be powered via either 11-15VDC or 4 AA batteries.With the dedicated
battery holder, the battery can be attached with a single touch of a button. Newly developed audio
circurity is adapter for superb audio quality.

・Mountable video camera:
Panasonic uni-slot audio supported
Ikegami uni-slot audio supported
・High durable aluminum case for ENG heavy operation
・Six grouping channel preset for immediate multi users'
・External power 11-15VDC operation for continuous
・Wireless signal status can be check through camera monitor
. Receiver and camera is interfaced between connector.
・Short height antenna as standard item
・Free channel Scanning


Frequency 638.125~661.875MHz 188 channels
Receiving method Space diversity
Reference deviation +-5kHz
Max deviation +-40kHz
Inter modulation 65dB or more
Noise reduction Compandor
Audio output level 4dBm max
SN 100dB
Distortion ratio 0.8% or less
Interface D-sub 25 pin Si
D-sub 25 pin Si/S
Power 6V