TOPOEM、EMS事业 Introduction of owing facility and service

Introduction of owing facility and service

Surface mounting

Main equipmen
Chip parts attachment machine of multiple functions, cream solder printing machine, high-speed adhesive coating equipment, cream solder jet printer printing machine, re-flow oven and chip parts store system

A metal mask is unnecessary and a cream soldering print is made. It's most suitable for an experimental production and short lot production. It can correspond to a cut part, a stick and a tray as well as a taping part variously by a chip parts attachment machine of multiple functions made by my data company.

Automatic insertion

Main equipment
Archival led automatic insertion machine, radial type parts automatic rt insertion machine
Automatic insertion and consolidation mounting with chip parts of interline space Bell and a radial part are possible.

PCB assembly

Automatic insertion machine can take even shaped items and it can be soldered with Unleaded solder or leaded solder called double wave method. The soldered items can be inspected through ICT, FCT process.

Final products assembly

Assemble lines are dust zero – clean bench table. Only for customer's items the individual clean working bench are applied.

Mechanical pressing

5 units 30 ton to 110 ton
By mechanical press and a hydraulic pressure vice, I remove it and bend, drawing compound.

Plastics molding

7 units 5 ton to 100 ton
5t, 10t, 38t, 75t and 100t Plastics component formation by injection press.

Spray painting

To metal and plastics component, it's blown and painted. To metal and plastics component, internal development blows and processes painting.

Silk screen printing

Metal by a serigraph machine and silk print of plastics component. It's also possible to develop a silk screen edition internally, it corresponds to edition change by a change of specifications quickly.

Laser printing

Metal, plastics and others and laser print on the part surface. Which is it also possible to correspond to, like plane or cylinder?



Adjustment and inspection

The safe test apparatus by which insulation is* blow-up test and a ground

Processing arriving at the lead line terminal pressure

Processing arriving at the lead line terminal pressure by which JST is JAE and HRS, etc.