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FMX-42u 4 Channel Portable Mixer




FMX-42u is new model. This model adapted latest AD converter and output analog electronic audio signal as digital signal to I-Phone, I-Pad, PC etc through mini USB.
(Smart phone is excluded as standard item in factory packing.)

Professional Audio, Low Noise Portable Mixer
4 Balanced XLR Inputs with Individual Level and Pan Controls
Phantom Power with On/Off Switch for each Input (48V)
Pro VU Meters for Accurate Settings
2 Balanced XLR Selectable Mic/Line Outputs
Stereo Mini-Jack Output for DV Cameras
Low Battery Indication with LED
Headphone Output(Stereo)with Level Control
Operates for up to 7-10 hours on 6”AA” Batteries
DC Input with Optional External Power Supply (10.5C~17V)
Built-in 1kHz Tone Generator
Built-in Slate Microphone
Ballistic Nylon Carrying Case Included
Full metal housing for outside mobile usage


INPUT side Input level(Electronic balance)
LINE Standard:+4 d Bu
Max: +26 d Bu or more
Impedance: 20kΩ   
MIC-HI Max: +4 d Bu
Impedance : 2kΩ
MIC-LO Max : -15 d Bu
HPF(High pass filter) 
Fading frequency: 100Hz 、6dB/oct
Phantom On/Off
Output level LINE level Standard : +4dBu (loading 5kΩor more)
Max output : +20dBu (loading 5kΩ or more)
Impedance : 600Ω
MIC level Standard : -36dBu (loading 5kΩ or more)
Output : -20dBu (loading 5kΩ or more)
Impedance : 600Ω
Unbalanced Output Standard : -36dBu(loading 2kΩ or more)
Max : -20dBu(loading 2kΩ ore more)
Impedance : 120Ω
Monitoring max output : +1 d Bu(loading 32Ω、Battery voltage 9V)
Output level meter
Standard : 0VU(+4 d Bu )
Digital output level Interface format  : USB2.0, FULL SPEED
Audio data format  : Isochronous data format
Audio sampling frequency : 16/ 22.05/ 32/ 44.1/ 48 kHz
Audio data resolution  : 8/ 16 bit
Audio data Channel  : 1/ 2 Channel
Device name   : 「USB AUDIO CODEC」
Battery requirement 6 Alkarine "AA"
Battery life (with alkaline batteries, LCD off)
FMX-42u: USB operating : Approx 7 hours (Phantom OFF)
Approx 5 hours (Phantom ON, two mic input)
Dimension W220 × D160 × H56 (mm) (exclude side frame)
Weight Approx1.3Kg(exclude batteries)

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