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Compact Microphone Adapter

A Compact Microphone Adapter that Lets You Connect Two Separate Audio Sources to a Camera

MC-1 is an adapter that lets you connect two separate mono audio sources to a DSLR or video camera’s 3.5 mm stereo microphone input jack. Each audio source will be sent separately to the camera's left and right channels. You can combine any two mono microphones, such as an on-camera video mic, lapel mic, wireless mic or handheld mic, and include their sounds in your recording. At a compact size of 4.6 mm3, MC-1 can go anywhere you need to go.

*Phantome powered microphones and Stereo microphones cannot be used with this adapter.

Designed with Run-and-Gun Shooters in Mind
MC-1 was designed for run-and-gun shooters. Each of the 6 panels of the CUBE include appropriately placed features and functions, such as microphone input jacks, an output jack, volume controls, and female and male cold shoe adapters. Both of the cold shoe adapters are removable. MC-1 can be mounted on a camera or cage very easily.
Many Possible Combinations
With MC-1, there are many possible microphone combinations to broaden your shooting style. You can add a report or an interview via a wireless handheld mic while you record the ambient sounds from an on-camera mic, thereby making your documentary or event look more professional. You can also mount two portable wireless receivers to MC-1 and connect it to your smartphone to record or stream a talk show or interview-style video.
Easy Audio Level Control

For the Left channel, the MC-1 features a 3.5 mm mini-jack. And for Right channel there are a 3.5 mm mini-jack and a 3-pin XLR female connector, either of which can be used depending on the microphone of your choice. The audio volume can be easily controlled by turning the Left and Right volume control dials*.

* MC-1 does not feature a preamp to boost the audio volume. The maximum audio volume is what the microphone of your choice delivers.

No Batteries Required

MC-1 requires no batteries or other power source to operate. You will never have to worry about running out of power. For microphones that require plug-in-power in order to operate, MC-1 will automatically pass the bias voltage sent from the camera’s microphone input.

Left Channel :
Φ3.5mm Mono mini-jack
Right Channel :
Φ3.5mm Mono mini-jack
3-pin XLR female connector
Φ3.5 mm Stereo mini-jack
Supplied Accessories
Cold shoe adapter, Φ3.5mm Stereo mini plug